About Pak Mcq Software

Software Features:

• The PAKMCQ® software is simple and easy to use.
• PAKMCQ® (Multiple Choice Questions) software contains best questions.
• With the help of PAKMCQ® the candidate is aware about its current level before the exam.
• PAKMCQ® software includes all important questions of chapters / units of the curriculum.
• PAKMCQ® software includes all questions of past 3 year’s paper.
• PAKMCQ® will guarantee student success because its content is very high standard.
• We make question bank with the help of experienced teachers and subject specialists.
• Parents can check the progress of the Childs very quickly.

System Requirements:

• This version of PAKMCQ® software is only for Microsoft Windows.
• Compatible versions of Microsoft Windows are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
• Android, IOS and other mobile operating system are not compatible with PAKMCQ® software.

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Software Screenshot

PAKMCQ® Software Screenshot 10th class urdu mcq Screenshot 10th class islamiat mcq Screenshot 10th Class Mathematics Past Paper Mcq Screenshot